Monday, January 22, 2007

Bwana's Killer Prototype!!!


Bwana apparently had one of the best days of his life last week:

"yesterday was rad. it snowed in portland and actually stuck. today is Hands down in the top 10 happiest days of my life. I got a little box today from gargamel with the very first Killer samples. these are not what the first release will look like. That secret right now. Will come out mid feb. He looks so freaking right on the money. Working with gargamel is the best. today I cried. official name is "Little One" Sleeping killer "



Whoa! Killer is looking RAD! I can hardly wait! Please do some kind of painted clear!! It must be really fulfilling to have your own toy made! Congratulations Bwana on this awesome adventure that we get to ride along with!

1 comment:

toysrevil said...

ooohhhh nnnNNNOOOOoooo!
this looks killer! how not to go down the kaiju-path, i know not how! gggrrrr LOL

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