Thursday, January 04, 2007

New EXOHEAD Toys Dropping January 14th!!!


EXOHEAD is definitely one of my favorite toy lines so I was very happy to see that he's coming out with not only a new colorway of his insane "Man Machine" figure, but also a completely new sculp featuring a slightly phallic design!

In the picture below, A: MM-111 Russ and B: MM-106 Teet will be available January 14th. C. is a Kaiju-Taro Kai-Zine Subscriber only exclusive. There are only 3 made and you need to send in a form that is included in the magazine. The names will be drawn randomly. Lastly, picture D. are won by lottery to celebrate EXOHEAD's 1st anniversary. Only five made in each model, a lottery ticket is included in each Russ and Teet figure. I'm happy to be getting any new EXOHEAD figures, but I would sure like to have the Kai-Zine exclusive and the extra lottery armor as well!!!


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Anonymous said...

Hmm, so it's a lottery with the tickets in the Russ and Teet sets. I wonder if they'll ship internationally.

Let me know if you need a Kai-Zine ticket for the C. figure. I'm not planning to send mine in.

toybot studios said...

Thanks akum6n!

yeah, if you win, i'm sure he will ship internationally.

thanks on the Kai-zine ticket. I have a form too, but will need to figure out how to fill it out!

i'm really digging that crazy armor that looks like a ball of fire!

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