Monday, January 22, 2007

Kozik's Usagi Gon Taking Over the World!!!

Kozik has a couple new Usagi-Gon colorways being offered recently. The first one which I pre-ordered pretty much just seeing a drawing is this sick clear blue version:


No Idea Records managed to get this exclusive GID version:


Both can be pre-ordered now for around $85. If interested, drop me a note and I'll send ya to the right folks.

My favorite has to be this "Acid Rainbow" Ultra Exclusive version from ToysRevil (so exclusive that it only exists in this picture):


So let's see, so far Frank has done the following Usagi Gon Versions:

1. Green Godzilla / Gamera Colorway
2. Kaiju Taro Hawaii Colorway
3. Rainy Day Clear Blue Colorway
4. No Idea Records GID with black spray Colorway

Kozik said something about a few more colorways coming up including an exclusive for SDCC this year and possibly one in his new hand painted "Murder" style which is white with silver and blood splatter.

There's also a rumor that WonderWall will release 50 blanks for 50 artists to do custom handpaints for a show and auction of some sort. Sounds awesome!!!

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toysrevil said...

LOL cheers for the mention, dude!

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