Tuesday, January 30, 2007

GiTS SAC Tachikoma Tango!!!


We have two interesting high quality Tachikoma figures from the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex series coming out soon. I thought I would take this opportunity to compare the offerings from Megahouse and Fewture based on the pics and info out there. The version from Megahouse is called the Perfect Piece Tachikoma and it's the one I pre-ordered already from Hobby Link Japan for around $80 not including shipping. What I like about the Megahouse version is the color. From the pics, it looks to have a bit more of that awesome metallic blue going on than it's Fewture Rival. I also like that the doors swing out in back and will look awesome with sort of Matoko figure (If I can find one to scale!) My biggest concern expecially after receiving Megahouse's Palm Layzner action figure would be the fragility of the figure. When you look at these pics, it just looks a bit flimsy, no?



Now we compare it to Fewture's $120 EX-Gokin Tachikoma figure here. What I like is that it's designated with Fewture's EX-Gokin name. If you own any of Fewture's EX-Gokin Getter figures, you know what I mean when I say HEAVY. These things are just dense pieces of die-cast toy bad-assness. Considering how much I paid for my EX-Gokin Black Getter Ryoma, $120 for this Tachikoma is not bad. I would just hope that is wields as much metal. From the pics, it looks slightly more detailed and sturdy, but the color although a nice shade of blue, does not appear to have the same metallic sheen going on. Also it looks like the only doors that open is a hatch at the top. Not as cool.



So there you have it!! Our Tachikoma Tussle!! There seems to be pros and cons to each. A little here, a little there. Which one is better? Hard to say without having them in hand. Undoubtably, I will have to order the Fewture version as well just to compare myself! Megahouse Perfect Piece Tachikoma is due out in February and the Fewture EX-Gokin version slated for May! Both can be pre-ordered now at Hobby Link Japan!


Anonymous said...

I would go for the EX Gokin. I think that the folks at Megahouse probably enhanced the finish via computer. It's shiny, but doesn't look like a natural shine IMO. It doesn't look like the EX Gokin has opening doors and whatnot, but does it light up? Hmmm...


toybot studios said...

yeah, I will have to get the EX-Gokin version as well I think...

I'm just kinda bummed that the Tachikoma is getting all this special toy treatment. I guess it's to tie in with the cartoon series, but the REAL DEAL will always be the original Fuchikoma!! The only thing close to a toy was the coldcast resin figures which are still awesome, but not toys...

Anonymous said...

The Perfect Piece Tachi is the first season design, where as the Fewtune one is the redesigned model for 2nd GIG.

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