Friday, January 05, 2007

Secret Base Moves To Secret Location and Releases More Toys!!


I gotta hand it to Hiddy and the guys over at Secret Base cause they must be busy as hell churning out a ton of new figures! Not only do they have all that crazy Balzac goodness releasing over at Shocker World Wide, they have just released a number of completely sick brand new designs and colorways. On top of all that, they moved their retail location to somewhere secret enough that it still requires a map and good directions from a local. Thanks go to Mark "LivingDead" who lives in Japan and is the lucky owner of most of this Secret Base treasure!!!

Blood Pirate by Pushead x Secret Base. Leave your first born at the door step cause that's what it's gonna take to get one. Only 55 made to mark Secret Base's 5th Anniversary. Each one hand numbered...


Skullbee designed by Tattoo Artist Crank. Comes with Print. Uber Rare



Another colorway of the Crank Skullbee. Went for over $250 on Yahoo Japan Auctions the other night. Comes with the print in a nice little frame though!



Balzac Purple Bagman with Plushie inside


Rare Silver and Gold bling, bling versions of the Bagman!!!


Fan Club Only Skullbee set. Not available to most mortals!!!


Insane Devilock Palmboy Skullbee Collaboration to commemorate the 10th Anniversary. Yes, those are tiny Palmboys in each hand! Gold and Silver versions...


Glow in the Dark Balzac Obake Ghost was released today at the Tokyo Dome!!


Crazy little crystal red Skullbee


Remember that map I was telling you about? Just in case you're in Tokyo and need to find Secret Base, here's the map. I understand even with this map, it's hard to find so better bring a local like Mark!


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