Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Junk Tank Rock Resin Kits


I'm not a big fan of resin kits for the simple reason that I don't have the patience but more importantly the talent to build and paint one. I stumbled across these kits at Oriental Hero tonight and thought the designs were pretty cool. Maybe the guy that owns the site doesn't realize we don't like to be call "Oriental" - the proper term is "Ornamental". Oh, well....anyways, for around $50, these kits look pretty damn good....once their built and painted like this!! They have that Machinen Kreiger / Cyberpunk / Post apocalypic / Mad Max / Dust / appeal going on if you know what I mean...

SEG-888 Hornet (must be a Chinese designer)


TAC0 34F Fire Beetle (must be a hispanic designer)



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Anonymous said...

http://members.ytv.home.ne.jp/j.t.r/index.html Site of the team responsible for the scratchbuilds. MyTank is the name for the gallery of the different designs.

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