Monday, January 15, 2007

S.I.C. Takumi Damashii SP Collection Review and Gallery!!!


It's been a long time coming to get these pics up. My apologies and it's not because I don't like this set. I have several of the outstanding SIC Takumi Damashii sets from Bandai and I can safely say that this series is my current favorite line of toys (not including all the madness that is Japanese vinyl). I would have zero problem purchasing the next set sight un-seen. That's how good this series is.



This set in particular is designated with an "SP" for Special because there are no duplicates in the case. Only nine figures but probably the best set in the series so far IMO. This set contains variants of one of my all-time favorite mini-figure which is Hakaider on the motorcycle. The set contains 3 Hakaiders in three different colorways each with matching motorcycles and unique weapons. It also comes with a variant of my other all-time favorite figure Kikaider but in a metallic blue armor and gold cycle with side-car.



It's been said before but worth repeating: some of the best sculpting, details and paint job on any toys out there. Stunning...just amazing stuff for a trading toy. Not a lot of articulation but you do have options for posing on the cycles as well as standing up so you mix and match for some cool looking dioramas!! Be forewarned, although you cannot go wrong with this amazing series, if you buy even just one figure, just like eating one potato chip, you will be compelled to buy more! Luckily, they are relatively easy to find on eBay and Yahoo Japan Auctions.












If you missed out any of my earlier posts on superb SIC Takumi Damashii sets, check out:

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So what's next in this amazing series? Well, coming in March, we will have the next set which is Vol. 8 and as you can see below, the sculps are coming along. I'm digging the new motorcycle!! My pre-order is already in!!!



toybot studios said...

It's hard to tell from these photos because the detail on the figures is so high, but these toys are pretty small! You could fit any of the motorcycles in your hand!!

I guess I dont' want you to think they are standard size SIC action figures. Mini figures are much cooler and take up less space!!

Anonymous said...

i thought sic takumi are by bandai?

toybot studios said...

yes, lanatir! Bandai. I was looking at my box of Votoms Blue Knight mini figs when I wrote this. Those are made by Kotobukiya!

thank you

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