Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tachikoma SD Trading Figures!!


Just a short post on these little Tachikoma trading toys from the anime Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex. When I first saw them up on Hobby Link Japan, I didn't think much of them cause there really wasn't much there: all the sculps were exactly the same. The only difference between them was the color! I thought the sculp itself was too Super Deformed for my tastes as well. So I didn't buy them.


While down in LA on my Toy Vacation visiting Little Tokyo, I stumbled across Anime Jungle and saw these little Tachikoma figure in person and have to say that they were really much too cute and cool to pass up! They are a bit smaller than I thought they would be which is a good thing. They have a bit of heft to them as they are solid plastic. They even have some articulation as all four legs move as well as the tiny arms! Since Anime Jungle labels all the blind boxes, I was able to get my favorite colors blue and purple as well as the secret chase gold version. So check 'em out cause they come in several different colors and look cool scrambling across your keyboard...





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