Friday, January 19, 2007

Ultimate Vinyl Championship: Paul Kaiju vs LASH!!!

Tonight we have two artists go toe-to-toe in the ring of custom Japanese vinyl! In this corner, we have the legendary Paul Kaiju; master of the airbrush and well known for his fine eye for color. His fighter is a custom Glow in the Dark BlobPus painted in blues and purples using a special "rub" technique that is just amazing!



His opponent is from the upstart camp of LASH! Another fine artist that just recently started customizing Japanese vinyl. LASH whose real name is Rich took a Secret Base Skullwing and painted clear blue boxing arms with a black, metallic blue and purple body for this amazing example of fighting spirit!



And the first round begins! Ding! Ding! The atmosphere is electric as the crowd is ready for a fight here at Skullbrain Arena!!!


LASHwing tries to cut the corner off, but BlobPus and his slippery tentacles easily evades...


BlobPus throws out his patented triple sow kow Paul Kaiju tentacle...


But LASHwing slips the tentacle and hammers back with his Power Hiddy Left Hook...


Shaken, but not Sushi, BlobPus fakes and slips the Ramos right cross...


At the end of a brutal twelve rounds, judges declare a draw!!!


Friends and Family join LASHwing for the photo opp!!


Another custom Skullbrain called "IceBrain" by Locomoco!!


Gargamel Gargamess Fight Figures


Thanks to both Paul and Rich for these amazing customs. Both have an incredible eye for color and detail. I'm honored to have both artist's works in my collection.

To check out more works by Paul Kaiju, check out his Flickr Photo Gallery

To check out more works by LASH, check out his Flickr Photo Gallery


Anonymous said...

gorgeous customs and intense vivd images! well done, sir!

would you mind if i linked to this post and used your images? :)))

toybot studios said...

I would be honored! Anytime, any pic!


Anonymous said...

done dude! man, your images are slowly luring me towards kaiju hahahahaha

*keep up the schweet work*

toybot studios said...

Thanks man!

be careful, it's a very slippery slope...once you get one or two, you will be selling off your western vinyl and maybe even your 12" collection to focus on kaiju....

Anonymous said...

Wowwwww.... This is amazing man!!!! I'm getting more and more interested to try to custom one of these Japanese toys!!!! I have absolutely try something...seeing all this just give me an adrenaline rush!!!

Nice work guys!!!

Dr.Bao.....NVC crew.....

Anonymous said...

That looks awesome!

Whats the name of that pink skullbrain in the background?

toybot studios said...


if my memory serves me correctly, the Pink Skullbrain is called "Headshop" Pretty rare, but beautiful brain indeed! One of my favorites!!!!!

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