Monday, July 27, 2009

Fig-Lab x Real x Head x Uamou @ SDCC 2009!

IMG_3814 400x533

The Onell Design booth where Datadub from Fig-lab was hanging out with Mori from RealxHead and the lovely Ayako from Uamou was the hot booth for the con. So many different artists hanging about and showing off their wares. It was a Global Symposium of Toy Goodness!

Mutant Zone Trio was one of the best pick-ups at Con.

IMG_4091 400x533

IMG_3813 400x299

So were the Uamou Mini Fortune Cats. Meow.

IMG_4092 400x299

IMG_3807 400x299

Fig-Lab exclusives

IMG_3806 400x533

IMG_3810 400x533

Mori and Ayako hard at work pushing product!

IMG_3811 400x533

So cool that Mori came to SDCC. His first time!

IMG_3809 400x533

But meeting the graceful Ayako was just a bit better...!

IMG_3812 400x533

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