Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Gargamel and Cometdebris @ SDCC 2009!!

UPDATE: Gargamel and Cometdebris Customs on Preview Night! Ack!

CUSTOMS NIGHT. Custom Gargamel figures of all shapes, colors (test shot vinyl, camo), and sizes (minis to standards) painted by Gargamel and Cometdebris, as well as original artwork by Chanmen and KaToPe. Available from Wednesday, Preview Night. Gargamel SDCC exclusives will go on sale from the following day.

Free Cometdebris buttons at the Con. Just ask!

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TOKOJI SEIJIN LIMITED EDITION RELEASE. Clear pink vinyl with clear purple, clear black smoke, light yellow and neon yellow eyes. Limited edition of 5 pieces and available from Preview Night.

R0016313 400x299

Tim Biskup x Gargamel Helper/Relphe Figure

Gargamel is excited to announce the release of a new middle sized figure by Tim Biskup. Helper/Relphe figure will make its debut at the San Diego Comic Con, in unpainted glow vinyl. Comes packaged with a header card designed by Tim. Available only at the Gargamel booth (number 4739) from Thursday, July 23rd.

R0016308 400x299

R0016310 400x299

ok, I won't be making the same mistake last year when I didn't pick up any eraser resins figs when i had the chance!

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Gargamel is showing us the heat for SDCC 2009! Mini Zag above.

Crouching Mini Zag

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Beetlar (are those Camo Zags in the background???)

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New GID Biskup Helper??

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Tokoichi Seiju will makes his debut at the San Diego Comic Con. The Comic Con exclusive version is cast in glow vinyl, 6 colors total, with a neon green eye. Available at the Gargamel booth (number 4739) from Thursday, July 23rd.

R0016266 400x556

R0016267 400x547

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Philip Reed said...

I love the way Beetlar looks.

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