Thursday, July 09, 2009

Global Figure Symposium 2009

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San Diego Convention Center
July 22 - 26

The Symposium will be a 5-day session with a variety of panels and presentations. GSF2009 is graciously hosted by Onell Design ( and Callgrim ( at the San Diego Convention Center (SDCC#4937) . Don 'Datadub' Kratzer - Director of the International Figure Research Laboratory ( - will be giving the keynote and holding daily morning sessions on recent trends in figure culture from the far east. Afternoon sessions will feature many illustrious guest speakers and special exhibit. The final day will be an open day workshop to recap everything that was covered during the Symposium.

Chairman's Summary of the Global Figure Symposium

1. Share information about the dynamism of vinyl culture and its future: recent material developments, deformation theory and anticipated creature trends.

2. Explain the role of independently produced figures in promoting global economic growth and development and the collective accumulation impulse'S expanding contribution to the infrastructure for a global figure economy.

3. Highlight the value of the application of techno-animism and polymorphous perversity, drawing on examples from developed and developing cross-pollination projects.

SCHEDULE (subject to modification)

07/22 wed
6pm - 9pm Fig-lab
KEYNOTE: Crawling Out from the Primordial Slime

07/23 thurs
9:30am - 1pm Fig-lab
TOPIC: Topological Taxonomies : Mutants, Monsters & the Kai-Kya Horror Show
Featuring works from: Real x Head, Skulltoys, Blobpus, Monstock + more

1pm - 3pm Dead Presidents
TOPIC: Kandy Kolored Kaiju

3pm - 5pm Paul Kaiju
TOPIC: Applied Dream Projection Theory vis-a-vis Vinyl Style Evolution.

5pm - 7pm Fig-lab: Topological Taxonomies (reprise)

07/24 fri
9:30am - 1pm Fig-lab
TOPIC: Far East, Far Out:
Featuring works from: Zarigni Works, Goccodo, Art Denka, Uamou, Pop Soda, Spooky Parade, Hariken + more

1pm - 3pm Millennial Masters
PANEL DISCUSSION: Phantasmagoric Color Collisions

3pm - 5pm Suckadelic
TOPIC: Pop Iconography Piracy for Fun and Profit

5pm - 7pm Fig-lab - Far East, Far Out (reprise)

07/25 sat
9:30am - 1pm Fig-lab
TOPIC: Kaiju Invasion: the Third Wave
Featuring works from: Cord Viper, Yamomark, Sinbad, Dr. Strange Toys + more

1pm - 3pm Monstre Hero
TOPIC: Resinator Salvation

3pm - 5pm MISHKA
TOPIC: Straight Outta Brooklyn

5pm - 7pm Fig-lab - Kaiju Invasion: the third wave (reprise)

07/26 sun
9:30am - 5pm Open Day Workshop

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