Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Rotobox VF1-S Qee Custom

Rotobox VF1-S Qee

The guys over at Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica have really out done themselves this time. It's a friggin transforming VF-1S custom Qee? Getthefuckouttahere. This is getting to be some serious shit here. I hope Raymond is kissing Spencer's ass cause Rotobox have made collectors aware of Qee again. I say go production with some of these guys!

V1 400x595

V2 400x316

V5 400x268

valkyrie-instruction-manual 400x322

Rotobox VF1-S Qee

VF1-S Gerwalk Ad 400x268

VF1-S Fighter Ad 400x268

VF1-S Battroid Ad 400x595

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