Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Secret Base @ SDCC 2009

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It's cool that Hiddy and Chika from Secret Base made it to SDCC this year. They hung out with Lev at Toy Tokyo. Although Hiddy was really here for vacation, he did bring a few Gold Usugrow Rebel Inks and flocked Salvation Inks. The big release was the Ron English X-Ray MC (above). Then of course, there was the Pushead event at Toy Tokyo which were all toys made by Secret Base. I guess when I think about it, Hiddy did have a lot of toys there, but it still would have been nice to have had an Exclusive Skullbrain as well.

Lev directing with the X-Ray MC

IMG_3954 400x533

The short-lived Gold Rebel Ink. Pic stolen from Joe.

3764007714_f8272035fb 400x533

The new Chris Trevino Dr. Mortality. Best colorway yet. Would have been cool to have had this at the show.

IMG_3953 400x533

Chris is looking stoked...

IMG_3820 400x533

Chris and Hiddy checking out the scene

IMG_4048 400x533

Usugrow Salvation Inks did not last long, but didn't come with any boxes so no one can display them.

IMG_3952 400x533

Let's not forget this exclusive Ghostfighter for Super 7. Glows blue? Sweet. I missed it! Pic stolen from Hank.

3756374087_4ce796f350 400x533

Hiddy likes my shirt

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Shawn Scarwars said...

Oh weird. Trevino tattooed me in Amsterdam 14 or so years ago... I hadn't seen his vinyl piece. Small workd.

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