Thursday, July 09, 2009

Italtrike - Oko Ergonomic Trike

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Time for a toy review meant for real kids? Lol...I'm thinking about getting this slick looking Italian Trike for my kid. Looks kinda futuristic and Ferarri-like, no?

Created by studying children's comfort at play, the Oko Ergonomic Trike's shape was designed to cater to the curves and lines of a child's body. The cradle shaped frame adds a modern flair but also provides more room and comfort for the driver. Its nine saddle and handle bar adjustments guarantee an ideal position, while its padded saddle with three-point safetybelt ensures comfort and protection. The included shade helps deflect sunlight from your child's skin. With pedals on the mid-frame of this tricycle, your child will feel like he'sriding a bike!

Check out this review:

Italtrike Oko Ergonomic Trike with Shade in Blue

Step into the future with a 21st Century tricycle that provides your child with a wonderfully designed and brilliantly fun mode of transportation. Coming straight from Italy, the Oko trike comes equipped with a sun blocking canopy, a cup-holder, a fashionably designed ergonomic seating area, and a handlebar for easy pushing. More importantly, the people at Italtrike have performed numerous safety and comfort studies on children’s toys which have very much affected their designs. The result of their hard work is the Oko Trike, a product created entirely with safety and style in mind. The trike epitomizes the idea of safety with its durable steel construction, three point safety belt, padded saddle, and ergonomic pedals. The tricycle looks like it can do anything short of flying with its “out of this world” appearance and ergonomically designed features. Overall, this is truly the tricycle of the future and comes to you at a more than reasonable price from the people at CSN Stores, a leader in cookware, entertainment centers , case goods, and children’s products.

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