Thursday, July 16, 2009

Le Merde @ SDCC 2009!!

UPDATE: Looks like Bangal's Father Tango has come into town with his biker gang of misfits the "Pirates of the Laser Beam". NEW sculpt by me for SDCC 09!Designed by me and Kiyoka of Gargamel. Come by the Grass Hut Booth to check him out! So soon!

Tango Full Body Group 400x542

Tango Front View 400x533

3724145523938e55164a 400x537

Le Merde is going all out this year for SDCC! He's crossed all mediums and is now taking it to the next level in Silver, Vinyl and of course, Resin.

This silver Burgerbuns will be mine.

Metal Burgerbuns 1 400x525

A NEW Sculpt by me for SDCC 09! Cometdebris X Le Merde taken to the next level. This is my version of the Gargamel X Cometdebris figure Tokoji Seijin. His name is Le Kappa Tokoji. He is actually Tokoji Seijin's lazy brother.

Come by the Grass Hut Booth to check him out! They all have their own favorite Le Merde Shirt!

3726547865_9a1318d209_b 400x508

3727351750_502c5b6167_b 400x299

More Mini Resins!! These fucking rule!

Le Merde Minis for SDCC 09 400x299

Silver Bangal Price ring!

Bangal Ring SM 400x416

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