Monday, July 20, 2009

Today is Bramble-Palooza!!

IMG_6087_1 400x625

Today is a good day to be an Ashley Wood fan. It's an even better day if you collect the 1/12th scale WWRP Bramble Bots. Why? Cause just like Christmas in Australia, 3A Toys just released NINE (9) colorways. If you could the IDG SDDC Exclusive, that's TEN (10) new WWRP Bramble Bots that could be heading for your shelves. That's pretty much an army. That's a lot. Here is the breakdown of the releases today at Bambaland Store. They are still available as of this post.

Exclusive Giftpack: contains all 5 standard Bramble WWRp colorways plus a DIY Gatling Bramble only available in this set.
$220 including shipping

6packnews 400x298

Exclusive 3 Pack A Contains:
1x Merc WWRp Bramble
1x Medic WWRp Bramble
1x Winter Defence WWRp Bramble
$120 including shipping

3packsAnews 400x168

Exclusive 3 Pack B Contains:
1x Merc WWRp Bramble
1x Marine WWRp Bramble
1x Euro Defence WWRp Bramble
$120 including shipping

3packsnews 400x168

3AA members Exclusive Day and Night Set Contains:

1x Nightwatch WWRp Bramble
1x Daywatch WWRp Bramble
1x EURO DIY WWRp Bramble

3AA SET 400x159

MEDICKILLsolo 400x398

winter 400x159
wintersolo 400x401

marinejea 400x159
marinejeasolo 400x401

EUROD 400x159
EURODsolo 400x398

merc1web 400x159
merc1websolo 400x383

So did you buy them all? As tempting as it was to buy them all, I had to show restraint. The 3A Exclusive Day and Night set was a no brainer as the teaser at the very top shows. I ended up also going with Set B as it might be a good idea to have just one more Two-Gun slinging robot to balance all the other Mini Guns. I have to admit that Ashley and 3A did a nice job of keeping the price down. $120 for a set of three amazing toys is not bad anyway you slice it. That's $40 a pop. I've purchased tiny vinyl mini figures for the same price. So head over to Bambaland Store now and start your Bevy of Brambles now!!

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