Thursday, July 09, 2009

Lifesize Hot Wheels

real hotwheels 400x246

Growing up, I was obsessed with Hot Wheels. I purchase them or other die-cast cars every once in a while, but luckily I've managed to escape the urge to go full blown into collecting them. How about these lifesize Hot Wheels? Well a whole bunch of really cool cars that you once owned in miniture are going up for Auction on September 26th in LA at RM Auctions. Since you're all grown up now, you can afford to buy grown up

RW09_r140_01 400x246

RW09_r049_01 400x246

RW09_r164_01 400x246

RW09_r047_01 400x246

RW09_r184_01 400x246

RW09_r209_01 400x246

1 comment:

krakit said...


I collect HotWheels and these
life-size cars are so ROCKIN'!

Thanks for posting this :D

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