Monday, July 20, 2009

Cure "Lady Liberty" Boogieman

314 (2) 400x533

wow. Tossy at Cure Toys is just getting more and more insane with his Boogieman designs! Right on the heels of hits like the Mishka Boogieman II or the Kaiju-Taro X-Ray Boogie, we have this new design that almost has that Kikaida homage going on. Apparently, it's a new inner skullhead sculp and new inner skeleton arms and legs done up in GID with a clear sparkle outer body painted only half way to show all the inner goodness. I especially like the new caveman torch or "Lady Liberty"! It was selling at Lulubell Toys today for around $160 each, but they are now sold out! My only complaint on this otherwise amazing toy is the pumpkin mask. I'm partial to the Oni mask, but that's just me.

309 400x533

311 400x458

ok, now this is too frickin cool...

299 400x533

296 400x533

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