Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Frank Kozik @ SDCC 2009

Kozik @ SDCC 2009

What would SDCC be without Kozik? He just got married so he seemed to be in a better mood which is good. He's making these 5' tall Salary Ika's for $4,500 and I think some people will buy them cause they are so ridiculous. Frank notes that toy nerds won't be it, but maybe art dudes with too much money will. He also sold a bunch of these cast-iron rusty bananas for $2,800 too. Holy shit. Who are these people? Send them my way cause i've got a box of rusty nails for only $500. lol. Frank is awesome.

Kozik @ SDCC 2009

Giant Army Men. One thing about Frank. When he says he's gonna do some shit, he does it. Not too many people can say that. I remember when he was telling me about both the Giant Ika and the Giant Army Men last year.

Kozik @ SDCC 2009

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kamagra said...

Yeah toys conventions are funny because it's like to go back in time.

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