Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ashley Woods WWRP Brambles Wave One Preview!

wwrpmedic2 400x399

Wave One of the very cool, portable and affordable WWRP Brambles will go on sale Sunday, July 19th at 4pm at Bambaland Store. I'm hoping for around $50 each. Above is the Medic. There will also be Merc, Marine, Deep Powder and Euro Colorways. Note all pics here do not have the packs or decals so you are seeing a WIP.

wwrpmedic3 400x400

wwrpmedic1 400x400

Here the rest of them are...

preview_WWRP_wave1 400x652

Merc Bramble Nero4

merc1web 400x159

Also check out these vinyl Bertie Freight Containers that were sent to some lucky few. C'mon...these are too cool not to go production!

bertiefreight2 400x533

bertiefreight1 400x533

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