Thursday, June 09, 2011

GARAKUTAGIGAS Molds in Process....!!!

1307392732-1 400x344

Alex Wald sent over a progress shot of the Wax Castings of the GARAKUTAGIGAS which will be used for the Iron molds by Altelier G-1. Looking great...!

Here is the Astromonster banner which prompted me to think about the first colorway. Compare this to the original art. Which colorway would you like to see first?
Astromonster_banner_blog2011 400x154

Alex Wald Garakutagigas

Personally, i'm a bit torn. I love the original illustration so that colorway would seem most appropriate. But it would have to be done in a rusted kind of look and feel to be right. Much like the process used by Drilone or Cris Rose.

The colorway on the Banner is interesting because it appears that the junk is a bit newer. It has more of that new metal look and feel kind of like a new Mecha Godzilla. My vote would still be for the original.

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