Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alex Wald on GARAKUTAGIGAS Release...!!

Garakutagigas First Colorway

Alex Wald of Astromonster had this to say about future versions of the Altelier G-1 collaboration on GARAKUTAGIGAS....

How would you like the 2nd version to look? Will you be doing any "handpainted" versions yourself? (this would be awesome)

I believe that Okuda-san will release only the color version currently posted on his blog. I will paint two colorways of 10 pieces each after I receive blanks in July. In the Marusan/Bullmark tradition, there will be a dark version and a colorful version. Let's say that although the paint apps will have metallics, I want to get into the grit and rust as well.

Any info on how, when this toy will be released?

I'm responding to inquiries that I expect delivery of blanks in July sometime. I wouldn't be able to start painting until after SDCC in any event. With luck, I may have one of Okuda's test shots with me at the con---come over and say 'Hi!' So figure I'll be painting in August. I'll update everyone who emails with more details of my schedule as it becomes clear.

Alex Wald Garakutagigas

Astromonster_banner_blog2011 400x154

Thank you for expressing interest in the
new soft vinyl monster from Atelier G-1


Please wait for now a little time.
We expect to receive shipment near mid-July.
Painting and finishing will then follow.
Preorders will be announced soon.

You will receive our email when
all details have been completed.

Thank you again!

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