Thursday, June 23, 2011

Introducing Grody Shogun: Luke Rook's Alter Ego

Grody Shogun
Grody Shogun

I am grody, I am gross, I am a virus, a spore growing on the surface of all the pretty things. I am small now but growing voraciously. I am hungry.

Grody Shogun is me. I am an artist and a toy making machine. I have giving up any sense of normalcy, in it's place I live and breath only to produce. I survive on the info passed down to me from the masters living and working in the sofubi world. I am a sponge soaking up any little bit I can. I do this for you and for I do this for us. We must cherish the old ways and do all we can to keep them alive.

This is my apprenticeship, I take it very seriously. My masters are all around me. I honor them in my work. I begin humble and my pricing will reflect that. As I grow and my skills sharpen I will to charge what the those before me charge. This is my bowing to you, the toy fan, the oddball, the lover of randomness, the collector. I work within this rich community of craftsmen and artisans. This living bivouac nourishes me gives me the strength to go on. I am grateful for this opportunity to connect with the living past and the vibrant present.

This is a commitment and a proclamation, I will not stop. There will be no rest. I am servant, a servant to sofubi. Join me.

Luke Rook is an artist and toy promoter living and working in Tokyo. He has been buying and selling for himself and Lulubell Toy Bodega for over five years now. His commitment to the life and stability of the toy world has driven him to on this new phase in both his and Lulubell's path. You can expect Grody Shogun to bring the some of the weirdest shit you've ever seen. Like it or hate it Luke's Grody Shogun is here to stay.

Look for Grody Shogun at Lulubell or many of your other favorite shops and galleries. You'll probably notice a below then average retail price. This is no mistake, this is a commitment from Luke to you, the collecting community at large. There's no real saying how long this "apprentice" pricing will last but please know that it comes from a deep respect to the toy makers and brands already carried by Lulubell. We hope you will enjoy the work of Luke for Grody Shogun and have as much fun as we do providing it for you.

Love and veggie chicken grease from the whole Lulu crew!

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