Thursday, June 16, 2011

BLObPUS x Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Ollie....!!


via: BLObPUS Blog

Shinjuku last week is a demonstration of thousands of hot 2
This week's fun chillin in Shinjuku Loft Plus One! !

Every day is such that variety and aggravation and anxiety
Be held as before but followed by "Pachimon Summit"
Toka taste of what's silly when the eyes of this world
It is with pleasure does not care for themselves.

Pictures of them anyway "OLLIE" and also a custom one point
Will bring out a little and mail order cancellation.

Day "OLLIE" as is the custom of even one point from WEB SITE
The sale will allow the application site
Please note it will be preferred.
Also, when many will apply and will be drawn.

Also check out this new head that BLObPUS is doing for Ollie...!!!!

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