Thursday, June 23, 2011

.44 Caliber Revolver Ring in Black Sterling Silver

.44 Caliber Revolver Ring

This is pretty cool. .44 Caliber Revolver scale replica made into a ring for you to rock..! $140 isn't cheap but not crazy expensive either. I can see myself wearing it. I just wish it was a bit larger. Check his other jewelry. He does miniature ray guns and pistols too.

via: billyblue22 on Etsy.

This is an exact scale replica of a 44 Cal revolver chamber made into a ring. It was carved, cast, and finished here in NYC. This is an exclusive design. I cast these in solid Sterling Silver in sizes 4 through 11. I can cast this ring a little bigger by stretching the wax. Ask me.

In this version of the silver 44 cal ring I have deeply blackened the piece with a permanent oxidizer.

This is another ring I wore around and got in lots of conversations about. FYI, this is a nicely weighted piece of silver. It's not thin. It is built to last.

.44 Caliber Revolver Ring

.44 Caliber Revolver Ring

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