Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cris Rose Bits N Bytes "Goldfish Bowl" Version

Cris Rose Bits N Bytes

Finally the Bits n Bytes arrive in the first of many colourful Palettes - this one's been dubbed "Goldfish Bowl". From the oranges of the Goldfish to the turquoisy blues of the water and the lush greens of it's waterplant surroundings, there's a range of 6 tones in total.

Goldfish Bowl goes on sale Tuesday 21st June @ 18:00 London time at

Cris Rose Bits N Bytes

Full Sets
If you buy a pack containing a "Full Set" you're guarenteed one of each sculpt with no doubles. Each of the 6 bits is also a different colour, but as the sculpt/colour combo is random, every set is different! This is also ensured by the two randomly coloured Bytes that come with their little Bit buddies. In total, you're getting 8 figures, all bagged and header carded.

Light / Dark 3 Packs
There are are 2 options when it comes to 3 packs. The Light Pack consists of the lighter Hues, the Dark Pack consists of the darker Hues. Pretty simple really. There are 3 Bits per pack and the sculpts are random, but you're guaranteed the 3 colours shown!

All prices are + postage and packing.
bitsnbytes 400x592

Bits n Bytes are a range of resin robots from Cris Rose. Featuring 6 popular Sprogs (these are the Bits) and 2 versions of Rotund (the Bytes), these bots are the first to be offered in solid coloured resin and in 1/24th scale (instead of the regular 1/12th). Standing a delightfully cute 1-2" tall, ever single detail and proportion of their larger brothers is completely replicated, down to the Sprog's 2mm tall crowns. This has only been possible due to prototypes with 5 times as much detail as those used in the past.

These are not suitable for children and are small enough to be swallowed, please don't buy them for under 15s or give them to small children!

Cris Rose Bits N Bytes

Cris Rose Bits N Bytes

Cris Rose Bits N Bytes
Cris Rose Bits N Bytes

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