Thursday, June 30, 2011

Candy Crystal Skulls by Cryptocurium

Candy Crystal skulls

Like candy? What about Candy skulls? Hells yes...! Solid rock hard candy skulls. Not sure I would want to eat mine. I think i'd just keep it on the shelf knowing that I could eat it in an emergency. Buy yours at the Cryptocurium for $10 each.

With their history shrouded in mystery and the dubious claims of their discoverers doubted by modern science, Crystal Skulls are truly an enigma. Do they possess supernatural powers or are they simply clever modern day forgeries? What better legendary artifact to launch our Treasures & Mysteries Series of candies and chocolates!

Each skull measures 3 1/2 inches long by 2 1/2 inches tall (about the size of a baseball) and is made of solid hard candy. Each has also been mystery flavored with six different flavor possibilities.The skull pictured has been dyed an ethereal green however custom color requests are welcome as always.

Candy Crystal skulls

What is the Cryptocurium?
We are a New Jersey based custom chocolate and candy maker producing "handmade edible art" focusing on the strange and macabre with a Lovecraftian bent.

Candy Crystal skulls



Jason McKittrick said...

Thanks for the feature!

toybot studios said...

absolutely... keep on with the crazy candies..!

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