Thursday, June 09, 2011

Custom KAWS x BAPE Milo Dissected by Keithing

keithing_dissect_milos3 400x533

ToyQube is releasing a set of 8 custom painted Dissected Milos by Keithing (Keith Poon) on Friday 6/10/11 at 10am PDT. All handpainted with acrylic giving it a wooden washed out texture. The green paint is GID. Price unknown. Looks ok, but not totally into the whole "wooden" treatment. Especially since KAWS just released the real wood Companion for like $3k. Would have been more interested to see a distressed metal look here.

keithing_dissect_milos5 400x533

keithing_dissect_milos4 400x300

Keithing_Milos 400x299

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