Friday, April 01, 2011

Super 7 Releases for WONDERCON...~!!!!

18058 400x400

lol.. bit of an inside joke, eh Kazu? Josh is too funny. Who is going to Wondercon..?? I'll be there this afternoon..!

The Clear Strawberry Garuru wanders in his sleep, snoring loudly to clear his way forward, or maybe he's roaring? Garuru is translucent pink vinyl with black, green, gold and orange sprays, $30.

Along with Garuru is the Great Mazinger Tibute Partyball! The demon machine comes from beneath the sea, dressed as a classic super robot hero, but is he friend or foe? Tribute or disguise? Only time will tell... translucent metallic silver vinyl with red, blue, black and gold sprays, $30.

17877 400x400

Available at the Super7 booth at Wondercon, Super7 Store, and online.

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