Friday, April 01, 2011

Skate After Dark at the Exploratorium???

Indoor skate ramps at Exploratorium

For all you crazy kids that still have the knees to skate, did you know that you can drink booze and check out some rad skaters at a mini exhibit inside the Exploratorium? Part of it's "After Dark" (Night at the Museum-esque) series, the Exploratorium is setting up a mini skatepark inside complete with two 16'x6' quarter pipes, ramps, ledges, tables and a fun box for rail slides. Pros like Dennis Busenitz, Tony Trujillo and the ever popular Elissa Steamer will be rocking the ramps while you are sipping the booze. Debuts next Thursday, April 7th. They will keep the ramps up over the weekend and you can bring your deck and shred it up yourself.

Get your advance tix HERE

Thursday, April 7, 2011: Skateboard Science - explore the science of shredding when the Exploratorium transforms into an impromptu skatepark. Learn about the history of skateboarding and the urban landscape from experts all while watching professional skateboarders demonstrate science in motion.

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