Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Gundam HCM Pro Previews!!!

In case you're new to the Gundam HCM Pro scene, check out the last couple of posts on the subject: Click Here!. In a nutshell, HCM Pro are yet another fabulous way for Bandai to separate us from our hard-earned dollars by using the same Gundam license but sticking it on these little 4-inch tall figures which are a cross between a model and an action figure. You don't have to put them together as they come already made, but they feel like a tiny model in your hand. They are made of the same kind of model plastic. They are incredibly detailed down to piping and cybernetic inards underneath their panels and have a ton of articulation, but like their older HG siblings, they don't hold their poses all that well. Bandai continues to churn these little puppies out, as you can read in my last post but I had a bad experience with my last HCM Pro, so I'm a bit gun shy. You see, I got the Transforming Zeta Gundam which a bit better in the pictures than it does in real life. Yes, it looks like the pictures, but when I tried to transform it, all hell broke loose and I got frustrated and haven't recovered since. It was just a bit too complicated to make all the origami-like folds and tucks and what not. There was an awful lot to do with a pretty small and delicate figure. It got to the point where limbs and panels and wings were flapping all over the place, that I was worried I wouldn't be able to get him back together! Alas, i've managed to put him back in Gundam mode and have now since put him on a corner of one of my shelves. This was not one of my better purchases. While i'm at it, the same could be said for a far more expensive transforming purchase which I completely regret: The World's Smallest Transforming Getter Dragon. Ugh! For $70, I could have purchased another Soul of Chogokin Evangelion! It's a novelty and maybe some day worth something, but I don't collect for investment purposes.

Sorry, i'm really digressing on this post. Back to the subject at hand! I'm willing to give HCM Pro another chance and this crop of new figures could be the cure! Today we have #26-Gouf, #27-Zaku2 and #28-Jagd Doga! I could always use another Gouf for the desktop and the Jagd Doga looks very interesting indeed if it weren't for the crazy blue and yellow color scheme! All can be pre-ordered from our friends at BigBadToyStore for between $19 and $24 each not including shipping.

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