Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gundam Fix Figuration Pipeline!!!

I gotta hand it to Joel over at BigBadToyStore. Not only do they have outstanding service, they seem to be pretty quick at posting pre-orders of the Japanese toys I want. I check out the site often and on the pre-order front, it compares favorably with even the venerable Hobby Link Japan. Of course BBTS doesn't have the sheer variety of HLJ, but for the toys I want, I can get them in a couple of days from BBTS (when in-stock) compared to 2 weeks with HLJ. Joel has been posting a lot of pre-order pictures up lately of yet-to-be released Gundam figures including the latest and greatest from Bandai's Fix Figuration and Zeonography line. Last year, I declared Bandai's Fix Figuration and Zeonography line the Best Action Figure Series Ever! I still stand by that claim although my last Fix purchase somewhat soured me. I purchased Char's Z'Gok in blue and have been so disappointed with the figure, that I haven't even bothered with the routine photoshoot and gallery. There's nothing wrong with the quality or detail of the figure, but I should have listened to my initial instinct which was "this thing is ugly"! Oh, well. I'm hoping that a new crop of Fix Figuration and Zeonography can cure my blues! Today's previews include Fix0030 Zeta II, Fix0031 Crossbone Gundam Repaint, and Fix0032 Sniper Gundam. No, I didn't forget God and Nobel Gundam. I just refuse to give any space to lame chick Gundams that look like some demented, mutated Sailor Moon figure. Ribbon Bows of any kind do not belong on mecha! Oh, ok, here's a small pic so you know what i'm talking about. It wouldn't be all that bad if they put them in cool color schemes (sans bow) and not always like a bomb pop!

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