Thursday, June 15, 2006

More Fewture EX Gokin Getter Pics!!!


My, oh my! Is that a drill in your hand or are you just glad to see me?? I'm drooling and drilling over these latest pics from Fewture on the EX Gokin Getter 2 due out in August with a limited production of only 2,500 units for a measley $258 bo-danzas!! Don't forget about ultra sharp EX Gokin Getter 1 either! If you missed my earlier preview post on this subject and to see a sneak peek at EX Gokin Getter 3, CLICK HERE!!! These figures are obviously amazing. I like the industrial look and feel to them, but at $258 each, they are not cheap at all. As for me, i'm saving my dollas for the Exclusive EX Gokin Black Getter. Limited to only 500, this was a mail-in offer from Hobby Japan Magazine. This little bastard is going for upwards of $600 on eBay right now. If any you faithful readers know of anybody that wants to unload one for a reasonable price, let me know.








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Anonymous said...

I keep coming back to these, but I just can't justify the price in my mind. The sculpts look great, but they don't transform or anything. Unless you've got lots of cash lying around, you won't be able to get all of them. It's hard to think that they will go up in price that much over the years. When they get to be this expensive, I think "resell". I can't bring myself to open it up. Maybe I'm afraid that I'd be let down. for $300+, something tells me that I would be. At least the SHE getter transforms, ya know?

Maybe I don't get it because I'm not familiar with the designer. do you have any info about the guy to share? I'm guessing he must be no joke seeing how much the figures go for...?

Let us know how you like the figure once you get one! I really hope it proves me wrong! If that's the case, I'll shoot for a Getter 1 maybe.

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