Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Konami Mecha Musume Girls Vol. 1 Review and Gallery


I first discovered Konami's Mecha Musume Girls from the magazine Hobby Japan. I don't normally collect cutesy anime type figures, but these little sweethearts are different. They are apparently part mecha as well! Interestingly, were not talking Gundam, Sci-Fi mecha either, were talking old skool WWII plane and tank mecha! AFter closer inspection, you will see that they are not entirely girl either. They have some feline parts as well. If I may, they seem to have a little in them! Sorry, couldn't resist. They have WWII tank or plane limbs, girl heads, with cat ears and tail! Very interesting and really cool. In case you missed my preview article on the newly released Mecha Musume Girls Vol.2, CLICK HERE!!! I'll be doing a review and gallery of those babies very soon so check back cause I also have a few extra left over from the case I purchased that I will be adding to the toybot studios eBay store.


Back to the girls of Vol.1: Since I discovered Vol.2, there had to be of course, a Vol.1 so with a quick search on eBay, I found a set kinda reasonably priced out of Singapore which I ordered and am reviewing today. The first thing I would like to say is that Konami produces a quality figure. They are only around 4 inches tall so they qualify in my book as a trading or mini figure. They come in a blind assortment, but if you buy a case or a set on eBay, you don't have worry too much about this. Yes, I hate blind assortments too. Don't get me started. The sculp on these little chick-a-dees is very detailed but its the paint and finish which I admire the most. You can have a nice sculp, but if the paint job is no good, it just ruins the figure. Case-in-point would be a very bad set of Evangelion Type-F trading figures that I purchased and have not bothered writing or photographing. Ugh! They are terrible. They look a lot better in the pictures than real life. Frankly, I want these little bastards off my desk as they are taking up valuable space! Luckily, this is NOT the case with Konami's Mecha Musume figures. As I mentioned, the sculp is outstanding, but the paint is superb! The finish comes in this very smooth matte appearance that is just awesome on these little figures! The eyes and face tell it all. Just adorable! For all you Hentai Otaku out there, each figure comes complete with a teeny-tiny panties peeking underneath the armor! Vol. 1 comes with two tank girls and three airplane chicks. I believe it's an Allied tank, a British tank, a Russian MIG, a Japanese Zero and another Allied airplane. Enjoy the gallery and check back later for pics of Vol. 2!!!
























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