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Top Ten Upcoming Must Have PSP Games for 2006

I'm a PSP fan. I've owned all the consoles over the years, have a PS2 and eagerly awaiting the PS3. I have found, however that I get more game time with my trusty PSP. I can play it on the train, on a plane, on the toilet and in the car while waiting for my wife. It's portable goodness and ultra crisp screen is just what the doctor ordered when I can't get alone time with the big screen and PS2. Funny thing is, even when I do have access to the big screen and PS2, sometimes I will choose to still play on the PSP. Yes, this little bugger is that good. Any of you gamers out there still on the fence about this one - especially after the recent price's a no-brainer. Even for you stoner-gamers. Any of you even thinking about getting a DS over the PSP? pah-leeze. What are you, like eight years old? I thought this Top Ten list from PSP Nation was interesting so i'm re-printing it here.

"I really get tired of publications talking about how underwhelmed they are with Sony’s PSP, in particular after this year’s E3 showing. Sure there was a big focus on the PS3 and home consoles in general, but the fact is that PSP has a very strong library of game titles, and is also the fastest selling console in Sony’s history.
Standouts from the first year include the technically amazing GTA: LCS, the multiplayer frenzy of Syphon Filter and Socom FTB, the sheer addictiveness of Hot Shots Golf and Lumines, and the pure racing sweetness of Ridge Racer, Wipeout Pure, and Burnout Legends. Did we forget to mention Daxter, which rivals its console brothers in scope, gameplay, and animation? What about Xmen Legends 2, which many people find to look even prettier than the home versions? The hype is real when it comes to the PSP, folks. And when looking at what’s coming our way during the second half of ‘06, there’s even more to be excited about.
Here’s a look at what’s headed our way soon!

1) Tomb Raider, June 20 - They’re basing this on the latest versions on consoles, which folks are calling a triumphant return to gameplay form.

2) NCAA Football, July 18 - This series has already surpassed Madden in terms of presentation, and technical brilliance. It’s going to be a joy seeing this running on a smoother updated engine, too.

3) Def Jam Fight for NY, July 24 - The first of two highly anticipated 3D brawlers coming our way soon. It’s a nice change of pace from Tekken, and the moves are almost as killer to boot.

4) Tekken Resurrection, July 28 - The second fighter and my personal favorite on this list. Screenshots are looking better and better each week, and the character list is quite extensive.

5) Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, August 1 - An FF installment hits the PSP? Enough said. We’ll also be feeling the ripple effect of Japan’s excitement for this game for years to come, too.

6) Loco Roco, September 5 - Early contender for PSP game of the year. Completely original, highly addictive, deceptively deep, and musically hypnotizing.

7) Lego Star Wars 2, September 12 - The original (and best) trilogy comes with clever Lego-based game models and puzzles that will look great on the portable screen.

8) Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception, September 19 - Taking Namco’s awesome flight simulation on the road will feel so satisfying, especially with its slight arcadey bend, which means lots and lots of mid-air action.

9) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, October - Liberty City Stories seems to be getting a heck of a lot of play each time we get together at our weekly meetups, so I can only imagine things getting crazier with this installment.

10) Socom FTB 2, November - They fixed the targeting reticule to make things more strategic, and we already know the infrastructure code is tight. This should also bring some polished up graphics and better animations with it."

toybot studios Upcoming Top Five (cause I don't have 10)
Must Have PSP Games:

1)Tomb Raider Legend. Check
2)Def Jam Fight for NY. Check
3)Tekken Resurrection. Absolutely Check
4)MGS Portal Ops, Late 2006 - It's REAL Metal Gear Solid gameplay!!
5)Powerstone Collection, Late 2006 - It's Powerstone for god's sake!!!

toybot studios current PSP Play list (aka: PSP Games You Should Buy)

1)Fight Night 3 - LOVE this game. In the PSP right now.
2)Vitua Tennis - Just as good as the Sega version
3)Burnout Legends - Addictive smash up racing. Awesome
4)X-Men Legends II - Great squad based Marvel bashing
5)GTA Liberty Cities - It's GTA on the PSP!!
6)Syphon Filter Dark Mirror - the BEST Syphon Filter game period!

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