Thursday, June 08, 2006

toybot studios Spotlight: Grenada Studios!!!

Wow! You never know how something new is going to be received, but by judging by the response from you guys, Japanese toy lovers also dig historical toy soldiers too! I'm talking about our recent series on the historical toy soldier genre. I was a bit surprised by the overwhelming response...especially on the Russian figures made by Grenada Studios!!! Those of you readers new to the thread,it all started with a cup of coffee and an interesting toy photograph in Sunday SF Chronicle. I then wrote a spotlight on the toy photographer featured in this article David Levinthal. This led me to discover and write a post on one of the toy soldier manufacturers East of India Company, which then led me to check out a local retail store focusing on historical toy soldiers: Sierra Toy Soldier Company. As I mentioned earlier, the response to the Russian knights featured in the last post on Sierra Toy Soldier Company have been amazing! So, by popular demand, I am going to continue this series for a couple of posts to spotlight on Grenada Studios which produces these amazing knights as well as a future gallery and spotlight on the Polish Knight that I was fortunate enough to purchase at Sierra Toy Soldier Company! It's hard to tell from these photos, but realize that all this incredible detail is captured on really small figures. These guys are 1/32 scale which mean they only around 4 inches tall! The Knights themselves are probably only 2 inches tall!!!!

The following description of Grenada Studios is taken from Real Miniatures who are the official distibutor of the St. Petersburg Manufacturers.

Grenada Studio®

Since its inception in 1992 Grenada Studio has collected a staff of the most highly skilled and experienced sculptors and artist painters from St. Petersburg to create and bring to you the finest military miniatures.

Each figure is entirely hand painted by the artist with excruciating attention to the most minute detail. Our painters have established a world wide reputation by their application of "damascene style" painting, a very intricate and tedious process which creates a 3 dimensional appearance to the cloth portions of the figure accenting the underlying pattern of the fabric.

The equipment and tiny parts of each uniform is sculpted with attention to the smallest detail, many of these small parts are soldered in place. The combination of metals used in the casting process creates an extremely hard and durable figure which assures longevity for generation after generation.

Grenada has created a unique and innovative exclusive design feature of interlocking bases which makes our famous fighting compositions very dramatic. Through the use of our exclusive triangular design bases which are not permanently fastened you can create a dramatic diorama of charging Napoleonic Carabiniers or Polish Winged Hussars, changing it again and again as many times as you wish. This exclusive to Grenada Studio design allows the collector to create a diorama for one's personal taste and immediate need.

Since it began, Grenada Studio has released over 250 models covering a myriad of eras and subjects including: Ancient Persia, Greece and Rome, Vikings and Crusaders, The Hundred Years War and Teutonic Order, War of the Roses, Standard-bearers of the Renaissance and Polish Winged Hussars of XVII c., Napoleonic Cavalry, and many others. The Battle of Grunwald, 1410 is Grenada Studio exclusive.

On the underside of each figure is our trademark and personal signatures of both the painter and the creating sculptor guaranteeing authenticity. Look for our trade mark and do not accept substitutes.

Grenada Studio also offers Custom and Commission work according to your specifications as well as painting services.









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