Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Wing of Lean Trading Figures Preview!!!

I'm not totally sure where these little buggy guys come from, but they look like they are of the same ilk as the Dunbine Series. They share the same organic, insect-like features. I have to admit not being a huge fan of Dunbine for some reason. I think it's cause i'm not into the bug thing. Never have been. Too organic for me -not clean and robotic! Having said that, these little guys intriqued me. They are trading figures and so they come in an interesting variety of...bugs! What I think I like about them is that they each look like they come with their own little stand to make 'em look like they are flying. But it's the weapons that I realy like. Check out all the blades! Very cool! I might have to pick up this set and get into Dunbine after all! Buy a case of ten figures which leaves you with four doubles to sell on eBay! Coming out in September for around $56 if you get the early bird special discount at Hobby Link Japan before June 23rd!! Hurry!!

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