Monday, May 29, 2006

Soul of Chogokin Evangelion GX-21, GX-22 Re-Release

In case you missed them a couple of years ago (I did), the outstanding Soul of Chogokin Eva GX-21 (Black) and Eva GX-22 (Silver) are being re-released this august. I have to say after purchasing the Blue Eva01, i'm sold and i'm afraid i'm going to have to collect more. Except the Yellow one. The Yellow one is lame. I will be definitely be getting the Silver one in August, but I'm not so sure about the Black one. He's the crazy bastard with the alien arms. If you know of someone, i'm looking to pick up the Purple and the Red one (for under $100, you greedy bastards!)

From HLJ: "The fourth release in Bandai's mind-blowing series of chogokin Evangelion mechs is the EVA-03. Like the previous releases, it's solid and has quite a heft to it, and the paint job is marvellous. But what makes this chogokin piece so special is its incredible poseability. Cunningly designed, these are truly 'action' figures, with joints just about everywhere, allowing you to put your EVA into just about any pose you might think of -- even its feet are jointed so that you can bend them for a realistic crouch! As well as the super-jointed 'bot, included in the box are a Bazooka, Progressive Knife, Smash Hawk, an entry plug, and a parasite Angel." Pre-order the re-release now at Hobby Link Japan for around $50 for the Black and $58 for the Silver. The chrome bling bling costs extra!!

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