Thursday, May 11, 2006

Evangelion Rei and Asuka Special Forces Review and Gallery!!!

If you missed my preview post about these Evangelion figures a couple of weeks ago, you can see that those nutty folks over at Gainex have their crazy Evangelion licenses on all kinds of figures and toys. One of the guys on Flickr asked me if these were Evangelion figures cause he doesn't remember them wearing all this hardware in the TV series version. Funny thing, I don't either...why? 'Cause it never happened! Same with the Ninja outfits. As many of you have, I've seen Rei and Asuka in all kinds of figures including a Christmas Santa Clause version, the obligatory school-girl outfits, the towel and shower scene, etc. I guess they can't get enough of Rei and Asuka in Japan... Well, back to this set of figures featuring the dynamic duo in Special Forces outfits and weapons galore to match. I like these figures a lot. The sculp is very good, but the paint job is excellent - very well done! Lots and lots of extra weapons as you can see. Too many for them to hold all at once. All real-life, current weapontry in use today all over the world! There is something very sexy about young girls and guns. Could be the scanty clothing with Rei's breasts almost showing from the side of her tactical vest or Asuka's tank top and suspenders holding up her baggy Desert Storm fatigues. Something very sexy indeed. Highly recommended for you Rei and Asuka fans out there. I got this set for $29 at Twin Moons Anime, but I'll tell you a secret: Anime King over at eBay has both the Special Forces Set AND the Ninja Set for $19.99!!! That's $5 a figure!!! Damn! Timing is everything.













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