Monday, May 15, 2006

Megahouse Layzner and Zakarl Mini Figure Previews!!!

Those too cool toy guys Zinc Panic really know their stuff and report on Megahouse's new upcoming Layzner and Zakarl mini figures. From Darren Pierce, Toy Master Extraordinaire:

"Megahouse is offering two SPT Layzner action figures in August. The Layzner and Zakarl toys are ABS & PVC based, and only 4 inches tall. Retail is ¥2,600 each. The toys are in the "Real Action Robot" line, as distinguished from Gigabrain's "Real Action Robo" line."

Who or what the hell is Layzner?? I dunno either so I looked it up. Looks very much like the Cyclone Mecha armor from Mospeada, doesn't it? See below for a comparison. Apparently Layzner is a mecha anime from the 80's. Hey, I was into anime in the 80's but I don't remember this series! Luckily for you, there is a box DVD set with all the episodes. Check out the review from the Otakus at AnimeOnDVD They write:

"Heralded as outstanding anime immediately after its 1985 TV broadcast, the stellar achievement of Takahashi Ryousuke's masterpiece SPT Layzner was only outdone by the series' colossal failure. Cited as too dark and depressing, the series was not popular and was reduced from a planned year's worth of episodes, then canceled at episode 38, forcing the conclusion to the story to be told in the new-for-the-time OVA format. Back in 2001 Bandai Entertainment licensed Layzner for US distribution and even translated the whole series, only to indefinitely delay the release because Bandai received damaged masters from Japan and is seemingly unable to obtain usable source material. Then their license expired. And that is such a pity it's a crime, because I can say without any reservation that Layzner is the best mecha anime of the 1980s and the best mecha anime, period, until Evangelion came along." Whoa! That's pretty serious talk there! As for me, i'm not into retro 80's anime. I'm too spoiled with high production anime like GiTS, Appleseed and Samurai Champloo.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm...I already preordered all of these. I'm a fan of Ryosuke Takahashi' s work. Do you know where one could get the DVDs of this series? I can't seem to locate them anywhere.


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