Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Takara AG-EX AT 3-Piece Mission Kumen Votoms Set

It's funny what happens over time. When I was first exposed to Votoms only a short while ago, I wasn't really that into them and at the time, I think I made the comment that they look like fire hydrants. I still feel that way, but what I didn't realize was the sheer variety of Votoms Mecha. There are a lot of different models. It also doesn't hurt that two (2) of my greatest Lucky Toy Finds were Votoms figures!Of course, I am now a bonafide Votoms fan and have written no less than five articles on the subject:

Jan, 2006: Max Factory 1/35 Votoms Action Figures
Feb, 2006: Lucky Toy Find: Votoms Blue Knight Bersega Mini Figures
Mar, 2006: Lucky Toy Find II: Votoms Transforming Mini Figures
Mar, 2006: New Votoms Bloodsucker Action Figure
May, 2006: Zerberus VR-Maxima Limited Edition

I know that Votoms are HUGELY popular in Japan, but I guess here they have a small, but loyal following - kinda like those Maschinen Krieger nuts. More on them in another post! Anyhoo, I was in Kimono My House a few weeks ago and noticed that Yuki had a few Takara AG Series transforming Votoms which are very cool and very small (about 4 inches tall). I mentioned that i'm waiting for the Votoms Bloodsucker action figure to come out and he said (in his thick Japanese accent): "Ho! You are the first person to ask about Votoms! Nobody around here asks for Votoms."

Well, I love 'em (certain ones) and I hope you too are growing to appreciate the Votoms goodness. So for more, I noticed that Hobby Link Japan has a very interesting three (3) mecha combo set in stock right now. It's made by Takara and called the AG-EX AT 3-Piece Mission Kumen Set. From HLJ: "Three-figure set includes the Berserga, Marshydog, and Diving Beetle, each with its own gimmicks! The Diving Beetle can move into Down Form; its cockpit opens and shuts, and of course it's poseable. The Berserga also has a cockpit that opens, and has a whole whack of weaponry. The Marshydog can move into Down Form; its cockpit opens; it has an "arm punch" function; its feet open for its hydro jets; and parts are included for its gliding wheels. Pilot figures are included for all three machines."

I am so tempted to buy this set as it's pretty good value for around $47 not including overseas shipping. Think about it and then buy it here at

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up about the minifigures. hey, how's the quality with the AG series? I haven't heard anything bad about them. I caught your post about the bandai HCM gundams, and I'll have to cancel on those. The AG series by Takara, however, look like they're a hit with everyone who's picked one up.

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