Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gundamo-rama Diorama!!!

In case you missed this earlier post featuring little dioramas made for the tiny Gundam Ultimate Operation Figure line, check it out HERE. I was inspired to see if I could create a diorama of my own. I went out to the local hobby store and looked for some appropriate buildings that might work. Turns out that the "N" scale seemed most fitting as I think the HO scale is a tad too big. Most of the train buildings are made for, well... train sets, so they typically feature rustic, country type buildings. I was looking for urban Japanese High Rises to re-create scenes out of Evangelion or whatever. I found this one building that is supposed to be under contruction or demolition. Either way, it looked like it was part of some war scene or something. Like the giant robots have chosen this spot for their battle. I then went on eBay and found that there is a Japanese train company called Kato that makes hi-rises and Japanese buildings so I now have three high rises, a Japanese apartment building and a suburban Japanese house to set up! I've always loved dioramas and how each little scene can tell it's own story. Check in later for more diorama galleries and let me know what you guys think.








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