Friday, May 19, 2006

Feature of the Week: Mega House Soul Calibur III Trading Figures Review and Gallery Part One!!!

Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!! This is a good one! Way back in December, I caught sight of Mega House's new trading figures for both Tekken 5 and Soul Calibur III. I couldn't wait and I immediately pre-ordered both sets from ToyWiz for around $45 per set. The Tekken 5 set arrived first and while I liked them, I was disappointed with the color variants that I received. Not exactly what was pictured on the box nor what I wanted. Colorways makes a big difference in my book. Generally speaking about any product I own, if I don't like the color, I won't buy it. Soooooo, when the Tekken 5 figures showed up and had Yoshimitsu in this mustard yellow outfit, Heihachi in this turquoise gi, and the worst offense-Raven in Astronaut silver, I was not a happy man.

I am very happy to report that this is NOT the case with the recently arrived set of Soul Calibur III trading figures. I will start by simply saying that this set is my favorite set of mini figures that I own right now. I really love them. I think what sets them apart from other mini figures and even their Tekken 5 cousins are four things: 1. The level of detail, 2. The sculpting, 3. The paint and 4. The poses.

1. The level of detail: All of the weapons and costumes have incredible 3D details. From the devil-mask shin guard that Taki wears to the shoulder-armor on Mitsurugi, the level of detail is tremendous! Since SCIII is a weapons based video game, it's fitting that each character come with an alternative style weapon. Mitsurugi gets a swash-buckler sword, Taki gets a smoking pipe, etc. Way cooler than the lame ear-muffs that Jin got on Tekken 5! Much more detail than the Tekken 5 series.

2. The sculpting: I guess the level of detail and the sculpting go hand in hand, but it's worth noting that all of this detail is scupted, not painted! From the ornate inscriptions on the green chick's hula-hoops to Voldo's sinewy muscles. Incredible!

3. The paint: Not only are they exactly the colors in the previews, they are exactly the colors I want. Each figure is hand-painted with shading, shadows featuring metallic paints and what-not. Very, very nicely done. Some of the best paint jobs I've seen on any trading figure!

4. The poses: Poses are important. My favorite would have to be Taki's kneeled position and Mitsurugi's sword strike. When you put them together, they look almost like they are in the video game. My Flickr buddies like to make comments on who is going to win, etc. Kilik seems to be a fan favorite. Tough, no doubt...but no match for Mitsurugi! Compare the Soul Calibur III poses to the poses in the Tekken 5 set and the ONLY cool pose in that set are Yoshimitsu and mabe Jin. The others are just lame.

Needless to say, if you like trading figures and are even slightly into Soul Calibur, you MUST go out and buy this set. Click on the link on the right for ToyWiz and buy, buy, buy!!!! I can hardly wait until the next series!! Oh, almost forgot, this gallery is only for Mitsurugi, Taki and Kilik. Next time around, we will get commentary and pics for Voldo, Hula Hoop chick and Blondie with the sword and shield.

















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