Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Two New Revoltech Figures from Kaiyodo!!!

Kaiyodo looks to be serious with these new Revoltech Figures. They just announced two new figures including the Red EVA 02 piloted by the hot red-headed chick. It would seem very likely that since we now have the Purple, Yellow and Red Eva's hopefully the Blue and maybe the Silver EVAs are not far behind? The other Revoltech figure is an interesting choice: Overman King Gainer from the Anime series of the same name. I'm gonna order this one just because it's so different and cool looking. Seems like Kaiyodo want to conquer the action figure market with these super posable, joint-a-rific figures. They look great and are reasonably priced, but the poses better hold up! I don't want any loosey-goosey joints that may be able to go in all kinds of directions, but if they don't stay that posed in that super cool way, then what's the point? Well, it's too late for me anyways, I've pretty much pre-ordered all of them and will have to add these two as well. They are priced at around $20 each, but if you order two (2) or more from Twin Moons Anime, they will be around $17 each. Not bad.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Revoltech- hopefully that turns out better than the mono-shaft joint thing they were doing a few years back.

Personally, I'm waiting for the Revoltech Ingram and Optimus Prime, which are being released later this year.

toybot studios said...

We can only hope! Danny had a video showing the articulation which seemed pretty extreme albeit loose. I guess we will just have to see!

Ingram looks sweet. I haven't see a pic of the Optimus Prime version. Do you have it?

Anonymous said...

It's been speculated that this is Revoltech Convoy. But nobody knows for sure yet. Note the prototypes for Megatron and Energon Prime below.

You've seen the Ingram? Do you know where the pics are? That one actually interests me more, because the last figure we got from that design was the Mobile Suit in Action spinoff.

toybot studios said...

wow! thanks akum6n! I appreciate the pic! I'll post it up in the blog and see what everyone else thinks.

Yeah, i've seen the Ingram. Looks very cool.

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