Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sneak Peek at Gundam Ultimate Operation Plus 4!!!

Get ready Gundam UO fans!! The 4th set in the incredible Gundam Ultimate Operation Plus Series will be released in June!!! That's only a few days away!! I have already pre-ordered my case from Hobby Link Japan so hopefully the slow boat from Asia won't take toooo long! Thanks to fellow Flickr Gundam UO fanatic NAMENICHT, we have a couple of pictures of what the 4th set has in store for us!

Probably for most of us, the obvious draw is Sazabi. It's about time he get the UO treatment! From the looks of the pictures, he's looking pretty sharp with his shield and all that. For me, getting Sazabi is worth buying the entire set. The bonus would be this Gundam in the upper right corner. Don't ask what model it is, cause I'm not sure. RX-something, something. I'm also not quite sure which models the twins in the upper right are. In typical UO fashion, they are the same figure in 2 different color variations. No biggie cause we have Sazabi coming!!! Check back in a few weeks for the official toybot studios review and gallery!!!

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