Friday, May 05, 2006

Maschinen Krieger: The Art of Kow Yokoyama, Portland OR

If you live in Portland, make sure to check out this cool art show!

Maschinen KriegerThe Art of Kow Yokoyama

107 NW 5th Avenue.Portland OR. 97209

RECEPTION MAY 4th 7:30pm MAY 5th, 8:00pm, Kow will be here at Compound signing his newest book, a collection taken straight from his sketch book. Other volumes will be available for purchase and signing.

SF3D 1982 - 1986In the 1980s, those outside of Japan could only learn about SF3D from either the role-playing game "SF3D" or the source, Hobby Japan Magazine , where it all began... In 1982, a graphic designer named Kow Yokoyama began designing what would soon become a world populated by armored fighting suits, battling it out in a pseudo-replay of WWII. Yokoyama-san was a popular illustrator for magazines and an accomplished military modeler, and designed his retro-futuristic mecha as a response to the waning first wave of the popular Gundam series. The back story of SF3D takes place on a future Earth in the process of being recolonized after having been rendered uninhabitable. It is the late 2800s, and two main factions are at war. The Mercenary Forces can be seen as the "Allied forces" and are generally considered to be a little more rag-tag than the Strahl Demokratisch Republic, who are the more omnipresent "Axis forces". Yokoyama-san's drawings and kit-bashed models first appeared in the May, 1982 issue of Hobby Japan in a one-off article entitled "Wonderful Junk Kit"...

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toybot studios said...

Hey Ninj,

That's great! Sadly, I will not be coming to this show. Let us know how the show is, take lots of pics and post them to Japanese Toys on Flickr!!!

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