Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Soul of Chogokin Most Wanted List!!!

Another great list from Zinc Panic "Dengeki's latest reader poll asking which Soul of Chogokin toy they'd like to see next yielded the following results. None of them are particularly surprising, and they'd all make great additions to the line up." toybot studios take: I would put Raideen at the #1 spot fo' sure. These mechs are pretty cool, but a bit old skool design for me. Mazin Kaiser?? Why bother with a SOC version when Max Factory did such an awesome job??? I like Daiturn3, that one would be cool to see get the SOC treatment. Daimos?? Whatever.

# 1: Daimos

#2: Raideen

#3: Daitarn 3

#4: Dangard Ace

#5: Tobikage

#6: God Marz

#7: Ideon

#8: Daltanius

#9: Mazinkaiser

#10: Walker Galliar

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