Monday, May 01, 2006

The Search For the Elusive Johnny Lam...

El Presidente Frank over at sent me links to the Yahoo photo album of a one Johnny Lam out of Hong Kong possibly. Frank asked me to interview Johnny for our "Heavy Hitter" collector section over at Eternal Collector. The email that Frank had bounced and it doesn't look like Johnny has an active Yahoo email account any longer. Luckily, his Yahoo Photo Album still remains, so you can see the extent of his Urban Vinyl collection which is quite impressive. If any of you know Johnny, please have him contact me so we can feature him on toybot studios and Eternal Collector.

All I have to say is THIS is a toy collection!!!!

UPDATE: I have word from good authority, Drew From the Point that the Mysterious Johnny Lam did live in Hong Kong where these pictures were taken, but moved to Singapore to get married and SOLD most of his collection!!! Arghgghghhgh!! Drew was even able to purchase some of his old pieces!! Johnny, please write and tell us that although you sold your old collection, you have a new, even larger collection in Singapore where you have more display space, right? right? Oh, well. That's OK, Johnny...we all have to grow up some day! If you do see this post, drop me a line. We would still like to interview you!

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