Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Phuek's Dunny - Rebel Assault!!!

Any of you hipsters out there into the 'vinyl probably already know about the amazing, super imaginative, ultra-cool Phuek! He's Phuekastic!! We've been tracking Phuek for a little while now and were big, ginormous fans! He takes an otherwise, cutesy vinyl figure and when he gives it the Phuekasmic treatment, even Darth Vader and Gundam couldn't give birth to a cooler love-child!!! From his website: "PhuEk!'s art metamorphosed over time and the passion grew relentlessly. PhuEk!'s art has evolved from paper to canvas to wall. 3D art is the latest pursuit, especially in toy customizing. PhuEk! is a manifestation through a personalized treatment and artistic form of thought. Entirely imaginative and not based upon adherence to actuality." I for one, love his work and might think about having Phuek do a custom piece for toybot studios! What about a dunny, munny, trexi or CI Boy Gundam or Votom, eh? How cool would that be? After you're done salivating at his latest work for some rich collector with too much moolah to spare, check out his site: PhuEK!!!

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